Representing Bedales: UK-German Youth Ambassador


This year I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Bedales as a UK-German Youth Ambassador. Working with 29 other Brits and 20 other Germans, our brief was to encourage bilateral discussion between the younger members of the two cultures via various projects. My own projects were a music exchange and an introduction to ‘St. Martins Tag’ for the Bedales German classes. However projects ranged from films to pen-pal exchanges. This weekend saw the final seminar of this year to take place, in which we celebrated all the hard work we had done over the year. The seminar (held in Berlin) itself was a mixture of reflection, celebration and plans for the future, including the possibility of consulting to the UK-German Connection itself as an alumni.  All the UK-German Youth Ambassadors found Berlin to be a wonderful city. It can be best described as an eclectic mix of German tradition and the more avant-garde, forward looking side of the European community, with one perfectly balancing the other.

Personally, I have learned a lot about myself and how I best work thanks to this opportunity. I have (as expected) learned how to balance time very efficiently – a very important part of the scheme, if any potential applicants are reading- and how to be realistic in the long-term. On the social side, I met 49 wonderful people. The other Youth Ambassadors were incredibly passionate, with unrivalled flair and unprecedented talent.  Seeing that there were 500+ applicants and only 50 Ambassadors, it was a real honour for me to be picked to serve as a UK-German Youth Ambassador (or ‘Jugendbotschaftler’ in German). I hope that we as a school can encourage much more exchange and bilateral discussion between the two nations in the future, and perhaps even a few more Youth Ambassador applicants along the way.

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By Cameron Cross, 6.1