Drums signal call to act on climate change

By Clive Burch, Head of Block 3

Last Monday’s senior school assembly brought together the Three Schools under the banner of Action Against Climate Change.

Percussion teacher Kristian Bediiako opened proceedings with a group of over 20 drummers from Block 3, calling forth collective action through audience participation, with dancers of all ages taking centre stage. At some point in their time here, Kristian has taught almost every student in the Three Schools, so who better to lead the charge?

Afterwards, Anouk Szpitalak and Freddie Robinson from our youngest Eco-Team stepped up to share Dunannie’s action plan to combat climate change at a local level. Neither were daunted by the assembled masses and both spoke with a touching sincerity.

They were followed by Dunhurst’s Eco-Team who, along with Head of Outdoor Work Ryan Walsh, shared the steps they are taking to achieve Eco-School status as well as the topics they are focussing on, namely Biodiversity, Energy, Global Citizenship, Litter and School Grounds.

We then heard from Aggie Levingston, Bella Evershed and Skye Hurwitz from 6.2 who informed us of the collective action already taken by a group of Bedales students in London and the further measures we can all take as individuals to “make Earth cool again”.

Thank you for reading – please reduce, reuse and recycle as much as you can and remember to turn that light off!

Meat-free meals to help the environment

Since the beginning of term the school community has been enjoying a meat-free lunch once a week. This new initiative is the product of the campaign that I and others led last year alongside the Food Symposium. Largely, this was an environmental initiative as not many people know the extent of damage the livestock industry has on the environment, which according to the UN produces more greenhouse gases than the entire transport industry combined. Reducing the school’s consumption of meat has now been included in our continued drive to green Bedales. To get the project running, we had a discussion between not only students and teaching staff, but also the support staff. Support for our idea was amazingly strong. Even those who had never considered a vegetarian diet were happy to sacrifice a few meat meals per week. Last year we had one meat-free meal a week at supper, but now combined with a meat-free lunch, as a community Bedales will consume approximately 34,000 fewer meat meals per year. It just shows how effective a group of people can be when they decide to work together and change a small habit on one day of their weekly routine: the school motto in action, one might say!

By Rufus Rock, Head Boy


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